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Sitka And Sparrow Life

Nature Walks

We love to explore nature! We will pack our snacks and set out to pick up, touch, feel, and interact with sticks, flowers (we won't pick) and even bugs!

Outdoor Activities

Our outdoor environments are designed to enhance your child's imagination. We spend multiple hours outside each day, and it is so important that children have the opportunity to explore, create, and help each other as they grow and learn. Outside, the focus is on both gross and fine motor development,  with a strong emphasis on social justice, and cooperation and collaboration with each other.

Park Activities

We will be walking to one of the many parks in the area every day! Safe play on park structures will be encouraged and if the weather allows, we will be bringing picnic snacks or lunch!

Indoor Activities

Our indoor activities are implemented to promote fine motor development, cooperation and social programming. Our circle times incorporate preschool lessons, while different stations are set up every day to give the children access to many varied activities and games that enhance their imaginations, their abilities to problem solve, and to find ways to work together while learning.  

Arts & Crafts Programs

Sitka Staff loves arts and crafts!! Rest assured that we spend hours planning the most fun projects for your little Shirley Jackson! Our program is all about the tactile experience and not finished projects!

Reading and Puzzles

I'm the daughter and sister of teachers! We will be reading books every day!  All of our puzzles are high quality wood puzzles with a lot of variety! Children will have access to learning about diversity through books, images and lessons. 

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